Privacy Policy

Being an exceptional organization for the printing and packaging arrangements provider, Alfalah Packages thinks often about the protection of its clients. The open admittance to our protection strategy for each customer and guest makes us a dependable and reliable stage for doing an online business. To comprehend our security strategy, read the following passages.

Our concern for privacy

We have created significant security for the utilization of our site. The guest’s and client’s data goes under this security strategy. The information and the data that we accumulate from our clients for the preparing of a request or from any request isn’t advertised, unveiled, or offered to an outsider. We share this data just with those stages where it is required. These stages include client services, contact, handling, and delivery of the client’s orders and solicitations. We may reveal your data to an official courtroom whenever required or to ensure our advantage and the wellbeing of our association, and the specialists who work under the flag of Alfalah Packages. We never intentionally gather any data from youngsters under 13 years. The design, structure, content, and products that we are managing through our site are not expected or organized for use by kids younger than 13.

Collecting and using information

There are specific areas at our site where we gather some data from the guests, for example, log records of the guests that contain the domain name, the IP address, browser name and its adaptation, date and time of visiting our site, pages through which the guest entered or left our site, the number of clicks that a guest made, the period of visit, and the segment data of the guests to become familiarized with the patterns that clients follow. Kindly note that the log files do exclude the email address of the guests. We guarantee you that we don’t sell, trade, give out or abuse your own data to any outsider. However, we may impart it to our colleagues, partners, and different spots where we consider it essential to make the finish of your request quicker and better.

Business payments and transactions

When it comes to transactions and making payments to a business colleague, move of resources for another association, or asserting bankruptcy, the information that we have gathered from our customers will go with it.

Use of cookies

Each e-commerce business platform utilizes cookies to improve the experience of the clients at their online store. Our site likewise utilizes cookies to get the essential data of the guests. Thus, the guests have the alternative to turn it off in the event that they would prefer not to give information to us.